A Tale of Indulgence

indsendt 5. mar. 2014 15.19 af Thorkil Høgsbro
"Feast on him", said the emperor, looking at the slave and pointing towards the lions and crocodiles. "Indulge me, devour him, let there be nothing left for his mother to weep over."

"Sorry", the slave said," indulge you? Indulge me, but what do you mean?"

"What!" exclaimed the emperor, "why should I indulge you?! I will not indulge you, I will feed you to my animals!"

"But," the slave endeavoured, "what does that mean?"

"Ha!" the emperor shouted, "you want me to indulge you rather than letting my animals indulge me! You must be a grammarnazi! Indulge me, what is your occupation?"

"What", the slave said, "you want me to indulge you?! That will not happen, as I'm tightened to these bonds!"

"Then I will indulge you", the emperor said, "and release you from the bonds. But then YOU will indulge me!"

"Oh, but if only I knew what it meant", the slave whispered to himself. "How can I indulge you, my emperor?" the slave queried anxiously.

"You may indulge me and tell your occupation!" the emperor said, pointing his finger at the slave, "or I will indulge me and let my animals indulge in you!"

"Then I will indulge you", the slave said, "and display my indulgence in this task by telling you that we now all have indulged in each other. I am indeed a grammarnazi, although such a thing still does not exist, as the nazis wont be around for another couple of thousand years, but still: With all this talk of indulgence I will happily indulge you and throw myself at your mercy and, if I may say so, please indulge me with my appraisal and admiration for your great mind. Please indulge in whatever desires you must have towards me, and rest assure that I will likewise indulge in all my desires for you."

The emperor looked suspiciously at the slave, who showed up a placid smile.

"Then..." - the emperor hesitated - "I will..." - he hesitated again - "I feel I must indulge you! By what means can I indulge you, brave man?"

"You can grant me my freedom, my emperor and master!" the slave shouted with blissful joy, with a twinkle in his eye, and clapping his hands together.

"Let it be so" the emperor sighed, "you most sincerely earned your freedom. Turning towards the scribes and guards he loudly exclaimed: "Hear me! This man is henceforth free, and may leave this palace unharmed! Unchain him!"

As he was freed from the foot chain the freed man coughed slightly, and then said: "My emperor, please indulge me..."

"What!" said the emperor, "yet again! Have I not done enough?!"

"Oh yes, my emperor, but if you would indulge me just one more time, and grant me a token for my freedom, a sign that would prove beyond doubt that I am now free?"

"Hm. What do you have in mind?"

"On the table over there is some cutlery, shining in the candle lights. To you it is almost nothing, but to me a piece of cutlery from the emperors table would surely open many doors, especially if it was stamped with the royal insignia, just like the small knife in the butter."

The emperors roaring laughter filled the hall, as he took a few steps, reached for the small knife, and handed it to the brave and free man. "Now, indulge me”, the emperor said, “what good do you think this knife will do you?"

"This!" the man shouted, and stabbed the emperor in the heart so that he fell dead to the floor before the guards could react. "And now, you see, these lions and crocodiles finally will indulge me and indulge in you! Feast on him!" he shouted to the animals, and looked around at the guards, who stood frozen around the hall.

"Is there anyone else who dare to challenge me to a debate? Step forward, or rest silent for eternity!"

Nobody moved or said anything, and the man walked out of the palace, into freedom and prosperity.